By Carlee Gettman

Facebook has recently undergone a complete redesign. If you haven’t seen it on your personal page yet, you will soon. The global platform has avoided a dramatic change-up in framework since the dawn of its creation, but with time comes the need for change. 

‘The New Facebook’ or FB5, was designed as a solution to recent controversy about Facebook’s past privacy and security standards. The platform is shifting its focus to private-based communication. “The future is private,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, at his recent F8 developer conference keynote

This next chapter for Facebook incorporates an extensive shift in personal privacy settings. Users are able to retake control of who has access to their posts and account. If you haven’t been able to share or view someone’s post, it is most likely due to the updated settings. The company also hinted at being more active in monitoring what is published on the site. This comes as a highly anticipated feature for social media networks. 

The redesign goes further into the overall appearance of the networking giant. Facebook has taken the minimalist approach to rid their outdated standard design. This simple look is an opportunity for Facebook to prevail in a highly competitive networking industry. Twitter, Facebook’s ultimate rival, has continuously updated their look to fit a modern appeal. If Facebook wants to continue to compete, this change is all the more necessary. 

FB5 now offers the option to enable night-mode, similar to that of Twitter, or a lighter mode. This option is considered to be cleaner and eliminate clutter. While this may take some time to adapt to, this feature is long overdue. 

Facebook is also aiming to concentrate on groups and businesses. The News Feed will now share a space with Groups, Marketplace, Watch and Gaming. The top of the Home page introduces these five separate categories, allowing the user to pick which they would like to set as their default. The familiar search bar has been minimized and moved to the left of the Home page. 

The new design is targeting to accommodate its wide variety of users, yet many everyday Facebook users have reported this design to be confusing and challenging. Are you having issues with the new Facebook design? Give us your feedback. 

To enable the update, go to the Settings menu, select switch to new Facebook and begin your experience.